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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soaking Thursday Interview - moneybeet 9/30/10

Interview with moneybeet 

What is your favorite thing to cook?  Pretty much any type of pasta is my favorite thing to cook. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to cooking it.

What type of music do you enjoy?  I will listen to pretty much any type of music, aside from country. I love the lesser known bands and groups with unique sounds. 

What talent do you have?  I’ve been playing the flute for 12 years, the piccolo for the last 8, and played the tenor sax, oboe, and piano for a little while too.

What do people always ask you?  In real life or online? In real life I am continually asked how old I am (23) because I look like I’m about 17. Online – especially on twitter – the number one question I am asked is when the next update will be. That’s followed closely by ‘how do you think of the twisted stuff Edward does to Bella?’ [The answer varies: some days it just comes to me, some of it is from various nightmares I've had over the years, some is inspired by music or music videos, etc.]

Where is the one place in the world that you would like to be?  I would love to be back in Paris, but I’ve always wanted to live in London. 

What do you love to do or wear even though it isn’t fashionable?  I really love old clothes from the eighties. It’s awful and wrong but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for block print sweaters with shoulder pads and leggings. 

What is your greatest fear?  My greatest fear is being a bad human being. I’m terrified about never becoming a valuable member of society. Other things I’m afraid of include: needles entering my skin, heights, and deep water.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?  Twilight is my guiltiest pleasure. I have a couple of others too: shopping at thrift stores, drinking slurpees, and watching America’s Next Top Model. 

What did your mother always tell you to do? My mother always told me to make good choices. My dad, on the other hand, used to tell my brothers and I to keep our mouths shut and our pants zipped.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  My best friend gave me excellent advice a couple of years ago: Be yourself. Never be afraid of who you are. 

What is the worst pick up line that you’ve ever heard? I used to be a waitress and always had to endure awful pick up lines. My two favorites:
Guy #1: Comes in, orders a coffee. Gets my attention and simply says, “I like your face.” That’s all. No follow up. Just “I like your face.”
Guy #2: Leaves a map to his house drawn on a napkin with the heading ‘Guy in White Shirt Thinks You’re Hot’. Followed by ‘come here for a good time’ on the back. 

When you were a child what did you want to grow up to be?  When I was a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Well, first a professional basketball player, then a doctor, then a veterinarian.

Why do you enjoy writing?  Writing is enjoyable to me because it is always a challenge. Coming up with new concepts and making them adhere to a plotline is always interesting. Plus there’s so much creativity. I love it

What do you find hardest to do in writing fanfiction?  The hardest thing about writing fanfiction is avoiding overused plotlines or fanfiction clichés. I try really hard to think outside the standard format for writing ff.
Why do you love Twilight? It's funny -and kind of blasphemous - but I'm actually not in love with Twilight. The characters are interesting, the storyline is good, but I'm not in love with it. (Please don't hurt me!!!) 

What is your most favorite underappreciated fanfiction?  My favorite under appreciated fanfiction has to be Octoberland's Hold Me. Seriously, her version of deranged newborn Bella gives me goosebumps. I absolutely love it. 

What is your next story going to be?  My next story will probably be a collection of cut scenes from Lovegame. After that, I would really like to write something fluffy and sweet. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a NM AU fic inspired by Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets. (He’s one of my favorite poets.)

If you absolutely had to choose between team Jacob or team Edward which would be (no saying you can’t or saying another team instead, choose one of the two)? Ugh, if I absolutely have to choose…I pick Team Edward. Jacob becomes a little too manipulative for my liking in Eclipse.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watery Tuesday Rec - Transition 8/28/10

Transition by Louise McCarty

In Breaking Dawn after Bella gave birth to Renesmee she offered her up for adoption. Now, several years later, now in high school and with a boyfriend, Renesmee has discovered the truth of her past and has moved back to Forks. As she returns, Alice has had some unsettling visions about Renesmee's future.

The Cullens decide as a family that they should intervene and finally get Renesmee back as they don't want her to go through it alone. So they restart school in Forks even though it's only been a few years. Renesmee notices them when they first start school and somewhere in her mind she recognizes Bella, but can't place her. Renesmee shrugs it off.

Is it smart for the Cullens to intervene after all these years? What about Jacob? What is it that has been discovered? How will Renesmee take the news?

To find out read the story at the following link, Transition

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sadist Saturday Teaser - Room 18 9/18/10

Bella Swan is a shy and reserved girl working in a publishing house in Seattle, then one busy day in a coffee house, Bella meets Carlisle a devoted doctor, husband and father. And they soon become good friends. The only problem is Bella has a serious crush on the older doctor, with his marriage falling apart, and Bella's temperature constantly on the rise, she is pushed to do something so bold she will even shock herself. Good girl Bella is about to go bad, will the good doctor be able to resist.

Room 18 by Littlestar300
A taste of the one-shot

I was doing okay. I waited for my coffee, collected it when it was ready, and thanked the server, all without issue.

That all went out the window as soon as I turned around and headed to the table where he was sitting. He shot me one of his infamous and dazzling smiles, and I lost all the nerve that I had previously had.

Sweat started beading on my brow and my hands started shaking- not great when you were carrying a hot drink.

Both my hands were clutching the saucer as I walked but it didn't help. The cup was rattling precariously on the china plate below it; scorching, light brown coffee was sloshing over the edge dangerously close to hitting my skin. The cup had taken on a mind off its own and was acting more like a jumping bean then a holder of hot beverages.

People were looking at me strangely, not that I blamed them. I probably looked like a drug addict with my shaking hands and sweaty brow, not attractive, I'm sure you'll agree.

As I reached the table Carlisle jumped up and took my drink from me, his hand brushing mine as he did, which didn't help because I nearly dropped the whole damn thing.

"Whoa! Are you okay there?" he asked smiling as he placed my coffee on the table.

"I'm fine, thanks," I managed to mumble as I sat down. I looked at my drink; my cup was practically swimming in a pool of my own coffee.

This had not started well.

We stared at each other for a while not saying a word.

He could tell I was acting different. A small smile of amusement was on his face the whole time we gazed at each other. He was waiting for me to declare exactly what was wrong with me today.

The whole situation was very difficult. On one hand I was pretty sure this was the worse decision I had ever made, ever. On the other hand I wanted him more than anything in the world, ever.

My heart was racing, my palms were slick with sweat. The key in my pocket was getting heavier every second and I knew the time had come.

I reached into my pocket, pulled the key out and slid it across the table towards Carlisle.

The key was silver and attached to a black, plastic, diamond shaped key ring. The number 18 was carved distinctly into the smooth plastic and colored white.

Black and white were just colours, eighteen was just a number and a diamond was only a shape, but mix them all together and attach it to a key and it turned into a completely different creature indeed.

Its message was plain and clear. It was a cliché, and for some reason it was seductive. What it represented, what it was offering, was the best tool of seduction I had.

That key was offering a night of debauchery, of pleasures of the flesh and that's what I was offering: myself to him.

The silence continued but instead of staring at each other we were staring at the key that sat between us.

"What's this?" He asked.

The uncharacteristic tremor in his normally velvet like voice alerted me to the fact that he knew exactly what it was.

"It's a key," I replied, sounding a lot calmer then I felt.

"I can see that" he replied quickly.

"It's for a room in a Motel." He let out a shaky breath as everything became a lot clearer.

I was suddenly overwhelmed. Four months I had waited for an opportunity like this, four months I had lived in nervous anticipation.

Even if he said no, even if this is not what he wanted, I had to know. If I didn't do this now I would regret it for the rest of my life.

I suddenly felt calmer, stronger now that I had found my courage.

"I can't do this anymore Carlisle. I can't sit here every Friday and pretend that we are just friends, pretend that there are no feelings between us when I know there is. So I am doing something about it."

His head shot up. His blue eyes met my brown ones and stayed there. He looked surprised, shocked but my new found courage held strong.

"I will be there from seven o'clock tonight. If you don't show up then I know you aren't interested." The silence around us was deafening and seemed to stretch for hours.

Finally he took a deep breath and broke it.

"You want me?" he asked as thought it was impossible to believe.

I stood up knowing that I needed to get out of there as soon as possible before my courage left me.

"Yes Carlisle, I want you. The question is do you want me too?" I said before I walked out, leaving the key sitting in front of him.


To read the rest of this one-shot go to, Room 18

Sadist Saturday Teaser - Opposites Attract 9/18/10

 Nerdy Edward Cullen is paired with head cheerleader, Bella Swan for an assignment. Bella is more concerned with doing Edward than doing the assignment. Filled with lemony goodness with a sprinkle of curses, leaving you with rating M. OOC/AH.

Opposites Attract by breatheamore
A taste of chapter 1

Once he neared my table, he tripped and stumbled slightly, before getting slightly flustered, red tip-toeing up his neck and ears. He was so fucking cute.

I had to admit I liked that people underestimated Cullen's sex appeal, dismissing its existence when they took in his appearance. He had this nerdiness to him - this sexy nerdiness. He tended to wear simple jeans and sweaters that were too big for him; hiding his undeniable abs. Black, wide rimmed glasses hid his green eyes and his bronze hair was often pushed off his face, twisting in every direction.

Cullen had grown up next door to me, and on the rare sunny summer days I'd notice him strip off - giving me full view of those amazing abs and that sexy snail trail.

"Hey Cullen." I winked up at him, patting the seat next to me as a gesture for him to sit down.

"Hey, Isabella - Bella." He stuttered and shook his head as he realised his mistake before continuing "So, I'll do the research tonight and I can give you the notes in the morning if you like." His words were rushed.

"What kind of partner would that make me, Cullen?" I frowned dramatically.

"The normal kind." He muttered, thinking I couldn't hear him.

"Well, Cullen," I began, feeling bad that he seemed upset and patted his thigh underneath the table "Maybe I'm not normal." I gave a little wink as I squeezed his leg and he sucked in air. Oops, but not really.

He chuckled nervously "Do you want to meet up later and do it, or do it here?"

"Do me here, right now Edward."My internal voice demanded.

I smiled as I imagined him grabbing my roughly and having his way with me on the table after sliding all the books and papers off it.


To read more of this story go to Opposites Attract

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reminder on The Top 100 Fanfiction Stories

The Top 100 is taking submissions

This is all about the top 100 fanfiction stories. But not my top 100, this is your top 100. And when I say your, I mean all of you. I want to know what you guys think of to be the best of the best. This is not about reviews or read count this is entirely about what stories you prefer. It doesn't matter if they're finished, on permanent hiatus, still in the works, a one-shot or what. I don't care if they're famous stories or stories that only have a handful of reviews. I don't care if they are AH, AU, Canon, Non-canon, Slash, or what. I want to know which ones you like.

On January 1st 2011, I will be posting the top 100 list, so from now till November 15th I'm taking your submissions. I want to know what you like and I want to know what your favorites are. Here's how it works, it's real simple. All you do is fill out the following form which allows you to name up to 25 stories, but you only have to name one. You do not have to give me your name or your email. You can if you like, but this can be completely anonymous.

Here's the link to form, I encourage you to submit your favorites

Summer's Most Romantic or Tragic Hour Challenge


Summer's Most Romantic or Tragic Hour Challenge only has fifteen more days to enter the challenge, so enter it while you still can. Remember, personalized winner banners are the prizes to every winner, and each one's different.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watery Tuesday Rec - For Your Amusement 8/14

For Your Amusement by Cilla1970

This all human story starts off with Bella waking up to Alice telling her that it's time to get ready to go on the annual trek to the amusement. This annual get together has been a tradition for six people for ten years. The six are Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, and Bella. When the trek first started they were just friends, then it changed into three couples.

Now two of the couples bonds are stronger than ever and love is blooming between them. But the third between Bella and Edward has fallen apart. A few of the most simple questions that always come up in any healthy relationship sent him running for the hills.

Now they aren't talking and annual get together is about to happen. Will this annual meeting bring Edward and Bella back together? Will they find the happily ever after they deserve? Or will they move past each other and onto different futures?

To find out, read this story at, For Your Amusement

Monday, September 13, 2010

Imagry Block Monday - Twilight Image 9/13/10

Imagry Block Monday - Twilight Image 9/13/10

Sorry for Disappearing

The Darkness would like to apologize do our failure to post

We vanished almost two weeks ago because of a terrible loss in our family. The blog member Tish died after a car wreck. As a result we had to close down our blogs temporarily, make changes, grieve for our loss, and prepare for what is to come now that all of that is done we are opening our blogs back up.

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Summary: This is a free verse poem that could be from either Bella's perspective or Edward's. It would take place during New Moon. Anytime after Edward left, for Bella. Or after Edward got Rosalie's call, for Edward. Bella or Edward POV. Rated T. Now complete.


Everyday I wonder
Wonder why
Why you left
You said you were mine
Mine forever
But then you left
Left forever
Where no one can go
I called to you
But you can’t come
And I can’t go
Not yet
Not ever
We were split
Split forever
By the wind and rain
And lightning
We were tore apart
By an eternal fire
That burns
Burns deep
And never leaves
Now I wonder
Why there is a
Heaven and
A hell
Why earth
Touches neither
Why god separated us
And why you left
Without me
I thought forever
Meant forever
But I guess
It didn’t
Especially since
You didn’t take me with you
The men said
The gun was in your hand
Did I make you that lonely
Were you that sad
That life wasn’t an option
That death sounded better
Better than talking
Was leaving the only way
You could’ve took me to
I loved you
Didn’t you know
I wanted an eternity with you
But now life and death
Separates us
And even in death
We will be separated
For I was the sinner
And you were innocent
I know I did many a crime
But you said you weren’t angry
And that you forgave me
Did you lie
Did my sin finally
Drive you over the edge
I know I made mistakes
But did you have to leave
Leave without me
Why isn’t our forever
Why did the men
Have to tell me about
Your only crime
To take your own life
Without taking mine
I loved you so
But now our forever
Ain’t forever anymore
And the only forever
In my future is a hell
For I can’t live
Live without you
So now we shall
Spend forever
In two different forever’s
From now on
Forever I shall lie



Summary: This is a free-verse poem from Bella's perspective about Renesmee, set during the time between Bella meeting Renesmee and when she discovers the Volturi our going to attack. This is Bella's emotions of what she thinks about what's happening to Renesmee (the sped up growth). Bella POV. Rated T. Now Complete.


She was our jewel
A dream
A fantasy of sorts,
For we had waited so long
To have such a precious treasure
We had dreamt
Of the day we would have her
And we saw her grow,
Grow as she did
We knew the truth.
Our jewel
Our precious gem
Was fated for death
For she was born
With a malady
That could not
Be convalesced from
Though she grew
And grew fast
We saw her fate
Quickly approaching
We wished it not to be
But we could not stop it
We wanted her pain to end
Yet we could not
Bear to see her leave
For she was our treasure
Our precious jewel

Fated Future

Fated Future

Summary: A one-shot poem in Bree's perspective right after Volturi converged on her. Occurs in Eclipse. Bree POV. Rated T. Now Complete.


It was never supposed to be like this
It was never supposed to end
I didn’t understand why it did
The future
My future
Had ended so abruptly
Ended before it even began

And what was worse
Was that he promised
Promised that I had a future
Promised that I would live to see tomorrow

But I never got the chance
My own future
Stripped from me
Both times
Before I even had a chance to live

Not even out of high school
And my life was stripped
Thrown into ruin
And all for what
To be thrown into a world
A war
That I had never believed to exist

But it wasn’t impossible
I was surviving
Even if I was having a hard time
Because of the boy
The boy that promised we would run away
Run away together
After everything had been said and done

And now
It was too late for even that
Because the last future I had
Had been taken

Well Hell

Well Hell

Summary: Leah as a werewolf at twenty-five. Sam has now quit the pack, Jake’s eyes are only for Renesmee, but Leah now has emotions toward one of the other young wolves. This is the prank that the other wolves pull on Leah and the youngest member, Cal. Leah POV. Rated NC-17. Now Complete.


Leah POV

Waking up to the young Cal sleeping by my side felt good, right. I blushed remembering the prior night. I hadn’t been certain at first that he had–in fact–imprinted on me, but now I knew. We had finally decided to consummate our feelings, and I was happy for the first time in a very long time.

Jacob and Seth were hell to be in the same pack with. They were both in the same boat too; they were both in that damn over-abused nanny stage (though Jacob was quickly moving out of that stage), along with Quil. I tried not to think about the other wolves all that much, I was only a wolf when I was on patrol. I couldn’t take being a wolf at any other time. Too many of the pack members were in some form of love, lust, or adoration. Or a combination of the three.

It was like with Renesmee and Jake. Renesmee, now five years old, was developed enough that Jacob was starting to feel emotions beyond the best friend and nanny emotion he had always had. He now was beginning to fall in love with her and lust for her body.

But now I had Cal. He had joined the pack much later than the rest of us. He had only joined the pack three months ago. He was only eighteen, and I was seven years older than him. In many ways it made me feel like I was robbing the cradle, but I didn’t really care.

Last night had been the best night of my life, being with Cal. Seeing the length of him, feeling his stroking thrusts, touching him. All of it had made our relationship so real.

I started to think, fuck, today was April first. I knew the pack was planning on doing something to Cal and me, I just didn’t know what. I had had patrol with Brady and Collin a few nights prior, and they were never good at hiding their thoughts. Though they had managed to keep me from extracting exactly what was planned.

I flipped over so that I was on top of Cal and kissed his lips chastely, before kissing downwards. Both of us being naked definitely had its advantages. He wasn’t a heavy sleeper so I knew that he would wake up soon enough.

I kissed my way down the column of his throat, down his chest, and too his right nipple. As I took his nipple into my mouth, he stirred, groaning, “Fuck.” A small smile graced my lips as I continued to suck on his tit.

“Leah baby come back up here, you didn’t give my mouth enough attention.” He murmured softly.

I grinned; he had been awake longer than I thought he had. I kissed my way back to his lips. He opened his mouth to mine and I let my tongue explore his mouth, much the way that I had the night prior. I had more experience than him and he let me lead, most of the time.

This morning he seemed to be wanting to get on with it. He put his hands on my hips and guided me to where he was already erect. I teased him slightly. Running his erection over my slit but not allowing him entrance. He growled.

“Tell me what you want, Cal.” I murmured as I moved over him again.

“I want to be inside of you, now.” He growled, and with that he flipped me over, and then he was inside of me.

His hands were kneading my breasts, his tongue violently stroking against mine, his thrusts deliberate and powerful. Each thrust into me made my hips respond by thrusting back, as I tried to moan around his lips, but his insistent kissing made it impossible.

I heard the lightest thump at the edge of the room but was too busy to pay the noise any mind. He kissed me even more desperately as he tightened inside of me. I raked my nails down his back, actually drawing blood. He growled again, but this time it was out of excitement.

There seemed to be a haze in the room, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I lived near the ocean, the window was open, and fog often times came through in the morning.

I was getting tighter again, and knew I was soon going to come. Cal’s thrusts were off tempo which told me just how close he was. It wouldn’t be long before we both came, and hard. I closed my eyes, allowing myself to get even farther into it, as I pulled him even tighter against me. Cal let out another groan.

That was when the smoke alarm went off. I opened my eyes and our whole room was gray, the fire had to be close, “Fuck,” I cursed under my breath. We didn’t even have time to get dressed or finish what we were both so engrossed in.

I shoved him up, grabbed his hand, and dragged him to my bedroom window. He got the picture and went out, I followed him out.

What I saw when I got out… I knew.

Jacob and the whole god-damn mother-fucking pack were standing there. Embry snapped a photo of us in our complete flabbergasted shock.

“Happy April Fools Day,” Jacob said with a chuckle.

I was right.

“This isn’t funny, Jacob Black.” I snarled at him as I put my hands on my hips. I looked at Embry directly, “Embry, you will delete that photo.” I widened my glare to include the entire pack, “You will all forget about this.”

“Sure, sure,” they all said as one, adopting Jacob’s favorite patronizing statement.

Jacob chuckled, “The smoke from the smoke bomb should clear up in an hour or so. I expect you both to show up at your patrol shifts, other than that, well we’ll be going. Because I don’t think any of us want to catch girl cooties from staring at you naked,” with that he and the pack ran off.

Cal and I were just made fools of on April Fools Day. We were outside, ass naked. We were stuck this way for at least an hour. They had a photo of us naked that would surely be posted somewhere before the hour was up. We would never live this down, as the pack would remind us every single fucking time we shifted. And I was still aroused.